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 Making Free:Banners,Logos,Userbars,Modded Skins,Wallpapers,Icons for guns

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PostSubject: Making Free:Banners,Logos,Userbars,Modded Skins,Wallpapers,Icons for guns   Thu May 15, 2014 7:07 pm

Hey There This is smthing like group but i wont add any Logo or Banner here you can get your own >

For Banner :

Amount of Banners:
Name of Banner/s:
Logo (If you want to add):

For Logo :

Name of the Logo:
Gang/Squad/Company or RP Group:

For Userbars:

Amount of Userbars:
Name of Userbar/s:

For Modded Skins:
This is only paying(1 skin 500.000)(2 skins 1.000.000)(3 Skins 1,500,000) etc.

Amount of Skins:
Type of skin:
Logo(if you want to be added):


Amount of Wallpapers:
Type of Wallpaper:
Your Name(If you want to be added):
Logo(Of your gang/squad/company if you want to):

Icons for Guns

Amount of Icons:
Name the weapon you want to chose:
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Making Free:Banners,Logos,Userbars,Modded Skins,Wallpapers,Icons for guns
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