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 [SF] Special Forces

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PostSubject: [SF] Special Forces   Wed May 14, 2014 6:56 pm

                                                          First of all Hello we are the SF. 
                                                         We are an special part of the Army.

1. Follow all empirerpg server rules. 
2. Don't argue with admins or staff members. 
3. Respect other squads. 
4. Follow all SWAT rules, if you don't like our rules and wont follow them the leave. 
5. Respect all SF members and listen to higher ranked members. 
6. When spawned as SF you must use SF tags. 
7. Be mature and respect all of the community.
 8. When roleplaying, take it serious and if they have stars do not arrest them, unless they start shooting at you. 
9. Do not spawn as SF with stars, if you are found to spawn as Sf with stars u will receive a warning. 
10. No taking money out of the squad account unless you the commanders permission and him alone. 
There is no restriction on star arresting certain star levels, if they have 1 star they have committed a crime and should be arrested.

Warnings 1st warning. This is not too bad, you have made a mistake and you have been reported with evidence. After 1 week your warning will be removed. 
2nd warning. This is not good. You have been reported again with evidence or been reported be several people at once with evidence. Your 2 warnings will be removed after you have apologized to those who reported you with valid reason and it has been 1 month from when you got the warnings. 
3rd waring. THAT IS IT, YOUR OUT. You have been reported again with evidence for doing the same thing. We gave you two warnings already now gtfo. You will be blacklisted for 4 months.

If you want to Join just come on the Server my name is [SpecialForces]Forest 



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[SF] Special Forces
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