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 Grid Application for level 1

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PostSubject: Grid Application for level 1   Tue May 13, 2014 7:49 pm

Grid Backstory

Well , we don't have big story and we can't share it because we are wanted by Police Department but I'll share some informations with you. Back in time 09.05.2014 when I get my first car I decided to Tune it because it was so slow, then I called my brother Sony92 to help me with tuning because without him I can't do anything , he came with his wrenches and we tunned my car me and my brother decided to open Garage and gang called Grid, after the Garage part we went to LV Cross, some guys have waited there I don't know reason why they were standing there so I came close to them and asked them what's happening and if anyone is up for good Race, then a guy called Swid we finnished 4:3 I won the race, We did open garage with Sony92, in future we are going to Recruit some new members and going to race and own whole SA.

Grid RolePlay

Our roleplay is racing everywhere around SA, we are earning money with our cars and we are getting cars depends on what we race for. We are also mechanic who tunning cars for Race but it's expensive for some guys.

Grid Roster



Vice Leader


Sub Leader

Pro Racers

Street Racer


Probation Mechanic


Grid Media

Will update soon

Grid Application Form

ingame name:

real name:




Your fav. car:

Reason why do you want to join Grid?

Tell us about yourself:
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PostSubject: Re: Grid Application for level 1   Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:55 pm

i want to be in your gang
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Grid Application for level 1
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