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 Outlaws MC|Recruitment:OPEN|Apply here!

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PostSubject: Outlaws MC|Recruitment:OPEN|Apply here!   Sun May 11, 2014 5:00 pm

It all started back in 1975 when the Vietnamese war had just ended. I came back to America after a tough war and my memories were completely shattered, i had lost many good friends and I kept thinking about them. Eventually i tried to get a new job since I had no work after returning from Vietnam.
Not any person wanted to hire me, everyone saw me as a killer while I was just simply following orders. Times were getting rougher and rougher and I lived on the street along with other war veterans.. Eventhough we never had much on the street, we had eachother. We knew from eachother what we had been through and understood eachother completely. After a while we heard that alot of Biker Gangs were recruiting people with experience, because we fought in Vietnam we had alot of experience with dangerous situations and guns. We hung around with them at first and slowly started getting their respect, we were prospects for 2 years and we finally became full members. I worked my ass off for 10 years and became the President after the previous President had died. 
Now I have to take over to continue the great dynasty Outlaws MC already had.


Gang Level : 1
Group Base:  Near Bus Driver Spawn.

Group Money: 166,000$

Group Tags: OMC|Nick|TAG

Group RP Rule: Jail breaking people,Rob bank and homes,kill cops and kidnap people.

Group Motto: "You're in, you're out."

Group Leader: Leo
Group Color: #493c32



Leader - LVL 5  -  OMC|Nick|L

Vice Leader  - LVL 4 - OMC|Nick|VL

Header Quarter - LVL 4 - OMC|Nick|HQ

Treasurer - LVL 3  - OMC|Nick|T


Road Captain - LVL 3 - OMC|Nick|RC


Sergeant At Arms - LVL 2 - OMC|Nick|SAA


Member - LVL 2 - OMC|Nick|M


Prospect - LVL 1 - OMC|Nick|P


Prospect* - LVL 1 - OMC|Nick|P*


Prospect** - LVL 1 - OMC|Nick|P**



Your personal information:
In-game name:
Account name:
Your real name:
Your timezone:
Ingame hours:
English skills 1-10:

How long have you been playing on BUG:
What previous gangs/squads/companies were you in?:
Previous server bans and reasons:

About Your Self :
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:
What can you bring to Outlaws MC
What is your shooting skill (1/10)
What is your driving skill (1/10)
What is your flying skill (1/10)
Tell us something about yourself:

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Outlaws MC|Recruitment:OPEN|Apply here!
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