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 Raiders official topic|||APPLY HERE!!!

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PostSubject: Raiders official topic|||APPLY HERE!!!   Sat May 10, 2014 8:42 am

          Level 1 Requirements Status
Have a leader, a vice leader and 3 active members  DONE
-Have a topic

1990 year we lived in shanty we dont have money for food and needs. My friends and I started stealing things
from the pocket passers that would at least like to feed themselves . but that we lacked .
2000 year many of us joined the police because of their salaries but many of us have not taken out for our criminal past and we were forced to join the gang. one of them was Raiders. it was one of the best bands around San Andres. they were engaged in kidnapping, stealing cars, robbing banks and shops . after 15 redemptions 96 machine sales and 2 bank robberies we were able to find the money for the machine guns and housing.
2010 year we already had enough money to do that serious business , but the cops figured out for us on our last case - we were trying to kill menistra nooooo it was a failure. then for us was the tail of the cops from which we could not otvyazatsya.oni caught us and pushed for Reshotka .
In 2014 year after his release from prison , we decided to restore the Raiders. we've got a little money for this, but we had a good home and business.And we try wake up again
 -Robbing banks-
-Doing houserobs-
-Stealing cars for money-
-Kidnap people/cops-
-Escaping from the cops-
-Turf enemy turfs-


Gang Level = 0
Tags : R|nick|rank
Total members : 9
Gang name : Raiders 
Gang Motto : Ride or die
Gang Color : #b09e82
Raiders Aliance:
Raiders Enemy:




Raiders Application
Personal Information
Tell us more about yourself:
How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG for?
Have you ever been banned or jailed before? If so, why?
Please list your previous squad/gang/company history:
Please list your current group memberships on the server:
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What's your average ping?
What's your average FPS?
How many hours do you play on average daily?
How often do you visit the forums?
Tell us a little bit about yourself (50 words or more):
Rate your skills below:
RP (out of 10):
Arresting (out of 10):
English (out of 10):
Driving (out of 10):
Combat (out of 10):
Answer the following questions:
Why do you want to join Ryders?
Do you have a solid understanding of the server rules and laws?
In your own words, define roleplay:
In your own words, define DM:
In your own words, define teamwork:
What is rule #6 on the server?
What is rule #11 on the server?
Explain the word "deathmatch"?:
Explain the word "Avoid arrest:?
Type 2 houserob rules:

Recruitment Status:


Level 5 Leader


Level 4
vice president(lv.4) - Tag: |Vp
assistant Vice President(lv.4) - Tag : |aVP

head quarters(lv.4) - Tag : |HQ

Level 3
safeguard(lv.3) - Tag : |Sg

guru(lv.3) - Tag : |G
Respected Members(lv.3) Tag: |Rm


Level 2
specialist(lv.2) - Tag: |S

rebel(lv.2) - Tag: |R

Level 1
trained(lv.1) - Tag : |T

fighter(lv.1) - Tag : |F

Test Member(lv.0) : |Tm




- Follow all the in-game rules (F-1) -
Be active in-game around 3-5 hours a week -

If you are going inactive please info us on the forum or in-game -

- If you getting 3 warnings in Raiders you will be kicked out of the gang -

- Follow all the orders from high ranked members, if you fail to follow the orders you will be giving a warning level -

- work as a arms dealer team as much as possible! -

- Act like a real Raiders -

- Be respectful and polite to everyone! -

-If we doing a roadtrip, the leader is in front and than the up following ranks -
- If you want to play as a cop always use officer tag ( Example: Officer.Nick ) -
- If you going AFK, put the AFK tag on your name so people know ur AFK -
- If we are going to roleplay, always use RP tag ( Example: R|Nick|RP ) -
-Never DM or revenge someone -
-Listen to the server admins -
Raiders Warning System
1 warning : we inform you about your mistakes and ask to correct them
2 warning : you should show ourselves what we would have understood that you are really good

3 warning : you will be kicked and blacklisted for Riders
Raiders Vehicle`s:

Raiders Skin`s:

Raiders Gun`S:

[size=36]Thanks for reading that if you want join[/size]
[size=36]us you can put your appy here[/size]
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Raiders official topic|||APPLY HERE!!!
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