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 San Andreas Fire Corporation-SAFC

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PostSubject: San Andreas Fire Corporation-SAFC   Thu May 08, 2014 10:35 am


San Andreas Fire Corporation.

We are the firefighters of San Andreas.We patrol at street, go to calls.We have headquerters in SanFierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos.In everycity, we got firefighters.Chiefs are professional firefighters.

If you want to join us, fill the application form.It'd be better if you dont copy it.

Section 1 - Tell us about yourself

ingame nickname:

BUG server login-nickname:

First real Name:


Living in:



Rate your english skills from 1-10:

Which District would you like to join?:

Tell us abit about yourself:

Section 2 - In-game experience

When did you join this server:

Are you a member of a gang or squad?

if yes, How long are you a member of your current squad and what is your rank?

Have you been a member of any other gangs or squads?

How long did you play in the other squads and what ranks did you achieve there:

Have you read the rules of the SAFC and do you accept to follow them at all times?

Section 3 - Basic rule knowledge

Where do you find the BUG server rules:

How many main districts does the SAFC have?

What are the 3 most used vehicles of the SAFC?

When are you allowed to drive with lights and sirens?

Section 4 - Detailed profile

What are your strengths:

What are your weaknesses

Why do you want to Join the SAFC?

What skills do you have to offer to the SAFC?

Small Fires

The nearest firefighter team goes to fire place and extinguishes the fire.

Medium Fire

All of the nearest FF team goes to fire place, and calls paramedic team to help injured people.

Big Fire

Every FF team goes to fire place, calls paramedic team to help injured people, and police to check.And also, there should be a team to save the people in fire.

Forrest Fire

Every FF team should be there.

Air-Team should be there

Police and paramedic team should be there

You've to use oxygen mask if you are fighting with fire.

It's a team job, you have to do what does being a team require.


Chief (2/2)


Assistant Chief (1/1)


Advisor (0/2)

District Chief (1/3)

[SAFC]Solmon-Los Santos Leader

Battalion Chief (1/3)


Captain (0/3)

Lieutenant (0/6)

Engineer (0/14)

Fire Fighter


Probationary Fire Fighter

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San Andreas Fire Corporation-SAFC
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