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 TugaBoyZ Application For lvl 3

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PostSubject: TugaBoyZ Application For lvl 3   Wed May 07, 2014 7:10 pm

The Gang Started Since  I met my old Friend BigBang
We Decided to be Together for ever and for the Death.
We was thinking to create a gang Called TugaBoyZ.
We looked for A good members And Skilled.and We Found on the road dat Boy.
his name was iTopPower
we offered on the him to join our Gang and to rape some cops.
i made a meeting to get More Members to be one of the most best gangs in the world
And We Found An Cars Dealer we offered to join our gang and be our cars dealer we will pay some for him.
He's name was Mighty
we used to call them the gang members Niggas Cuz we are Black skinned People.
and now we are the most gang in the world     

We Are Street Fighters And Arms Dealers
we Trading our guns For Money and we play
much Fights at the Ring.

1. Never DM
2. Read F1
3. Respect Admins And Players
4. Never Kill Ur Gang Mate with out reason
5. Dont Spam the Main Chat
6. Speak English in main chat and ClanChat
7. Always wear ur Tag TBoyZ> or TBoyZ*>
8. Dont do Bank Robberiy Alone just with HQ+
9. Dont Turf Alone
10. Always Listen To High ranked members

Gang Panel:TugaBoyZ
Gang Members:11
Gang Base:RC
Gang Color:Dark Yellow #c59002
Gang Leader:Prince
 Our Skins :108,98,293

TBoyZ>Prince (level 5)
TBoyZ>BigBang (level 3)
TBoyZ>iTopPower (level 3)
TBoyZ>Ahron (level 4)
TBoyZ>MerCy (level 4)
TBoyZ>Mighty (level 4)
TBoyZ>WithoutN (level 0)
BUG*>SWID (level 3)
TBoyZ>CowBoy (level 0)
TBoyZ>Stoyan (level 0)
TBoyZ>General (level 3)



Real Name:
Country Of Residence:
Main langauge:
Other Language:
Your English Skills (0/10)
How much time you have been playing MTA:SA?:
How much time have you been playing BUG:RPG?:
Your Drive Skills (0/10):
Your RP Skills (0/10)
Your Shooting Skills (0/10)
Explain DeathMatch:
Explain RP:
Explain TeamWork:
Explain Loyality:
Explain what is Mature:
Why You Want join our Family?
Tell us About your self (30 words at least)
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TugaBoyZ Application For lvl 3
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