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 [SWAT] - Special Weapons And Tactics Application for Level 2

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PostSubject: [SWAT] - Special Weapons And Tactics Application for Level 2   Wed May 07, 2014 4:36 pm

     Motto: Nothing is impossible with SWAT, We Fight What You Fear.
With Groove Street gang returning to San Andreas and the death of Officer Tenpenny, there is now no control on the streets. The SWAT team that where currently in San Andreas are now returning to put San Andreas back under the control of the law. 
 President Marko has requested our return and we have answered. With our return we will make sure that citizens of San Andreas now realize that there is no real threat anymore, that we are here to fight what they fear.
 We arrived back in San Andreas on the 26nd of February 2006, just after Officer Tenpenny died on the 21st of February 2006. We arrived back with a message to Grove street gang, "if you try to threatening our citizens or damage their property, we assure you that SWAT will hunt your ass down to the last man". After this announcement Groove street gang ignored our warnings and started attacking our citizens and destroying their homes, so we did kept to our word and on the 4th of March 2006, we killed CJ eventually ending the Groove Street gang. Since that day we have had no trouble from any other gangs as none have rised, they are all to scared.
 However a stronger more powerful threat has arrived in San Andreas, "Bad Army". Us SWAT are too outnumbered by the power and amour that Cobra have. Everyday dozens of SWAT officers are being killed, we can no longer protect San Andreas alone, however on one evening while SWAT where fending of Bad Army we see tanks appear out of no where, we all thought that was it we where dead but they where not Cobra, it was the Army. The Army have finally answered our call, they have arrived to San Andreas to help us defend San Andreas against Bad Army. Now San Andreas has a chance, now our citizens feel safe. Cobra will now be defeated. More and more men are recruiting to be a SWAT officer as they know with the help of the Army we can defeat Cobra. 
1. Follow all empirerpg server rules.
2. Don't argue with admins or staff members.
3. Respect other squads.
4. Follow all SWAT rules, if you don't like our rules and wont follow them the leave.
5. You have to be active with SWAT, if you have to go inactive pm a hq member with valid reason.
6. Respect all SWAT members and listen to higher ranked members.
7. When spawned as SWAT you must use SWAT tags.
8. Be mature and respect all of the community.
9. When roleplaying, take it serious and if they have stars do not arrest them, unless they start shooting at you.
10. Do not spawn as SWAT with stars, if you are found to spawn as SWAT with stars u will receive a warning.
11. No taking money out of the squad account unless you the commanders permission and him alone.
There is no restriction on star arresting certain star levels, if they have 1 star they have committed a crime and should be arrested.

Squad Level: Level 0 
Squad Bank: soon
Base Location: Soon
Members: 8
Colour: #000099
Tags: [SWAT] ([SWAT*] in Probation)

1st warning. 
This is not too bad, you have made a mistake and you have been reported with evidence. After 1 week your warning will be removed.
2nd warning. 
This is not good. You have been reported again with evidence or been reported be several people at once with evidence. Your 2 warnings will be removed after you have apologized to those who reported you with valid reason and it has been 1 month from when you got the warnings.
3rd waring. 
THAT IS IT, YOUR OUT. You have been reported again with evidence for doing the same thing. We gave you two warnings already now gtfo. You will be blacklisted for 4 months.

Commander - lv.5
Vice Commander - lv.4
Colonel - lv.3
Captain - lv.2
Sergeant - lv.1
Recruit - lv.0

Application Format
Section One
In-game Name-
Real Name-
Primary language-
What are your previous Gang/Squad/Company-
What groups are you in-
English proficiency (1-10)
Section Two
Why would SWAT benefit having you in the team?
How does SWAT help the community?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What is the SWAT Motto?
RP-Coming Soon!!!! 
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[SWAT] - Special Weapons And Tactics Application for Level 2
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