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 Mexican Mafia Apply for Level 2

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PostSubject: Mexican Mafia Apply for Level 2    Wed May 07, 2014 11:40 am

Mexican Mafia

Gang Info


Level gang:3


Gang money:100,000


Gang color:#00FA9A


Gang Tags MM|Name[=Rank=]

Skin ID: 120


Skin id 223:




One Day David and Nelex serch name for gang Sime asked members what opend and members answerd to him opend mafia  David go and serch name for him gang  he go to him dad's and asked give to me name for any gang and he said to him open Mexican Mafia,David say ok im will opend Mexican Mafia.


Comming soon



Mexican Mafia RP is rob banks rob shops and rob peoples,drink beer too  


Level 5-Boss

Level 4-Vice Boss

Level 3-HQ

Level 2- Assasssian member

level 1-Member

Level 0-Probation



Our member:

13 members on gang


Vito,Like-Vice Boss





Warning System:

Warning 1-Nothing

Warning 2-Down your level to probation

Warning 3-Kicked David

Our Media And SS:

comming Soon!


Apply Rec:Open


Personal information:

Real Name:




GMT irl:

*Tell about yourself in REAL life(Minimum 30 words_:

In-Game information:

In-Game name:



Rule information:

What means DM:

What means RP:

What means avoiding arrest:

What means HR :

If a player dming you, what are you doing then?:


Accepted - Meet an HQ+ rank in-game for a test!

Pending - Need's more proggres!

Denied - Apply until next week

Permanent denied - Do not apply again NEVER!!!
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Mexican Mafia Apply for Level 2
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