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 FBI-Federal Bureau Investigation Application lvl 1

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PostSubject: FBI-Federal Bureau Investigation Application lvl 1   Mon May 05, 2014 9:36 pm


The 2013th year after a major bank robbery and looted houses, there is the end. The 2014th year comes to that also. But after a few of those stealing

them stood in the way of new squad named by the FBI. Their president and leader of the Superdry. He made all the new plans for the FBI to attack and
 catch all the criminals. So now they are going around San Andreas and arrest every criminal. No more full street selling drugs, weapons and other
 criminali. Here now stay Fediral Bureau of Investigation and their agents.

Who Are we 

the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the first, and one of the most elite anti-crime, police organizations of San Andreas. They solve crimes , protect the general public and and roleplay within every sector of the game. In FBI, we aim to; solve all crimes that the SAPD cannot, take care of the most serious cases that no other squad can resolve and put an end to all anti-law organizations. We work with the Confederacy, the San Andreas Police Department, and the San Andreas Government.

Squad Role

Our main goal and Roleplay is to investigate violations of San Andreas' laws such as kidnappings, extortion, espionage, bank robberies, fraud, and sabotage. To carry out our missions, we talk to witnesses, negotiate, supervise suspects' activities, prevent terrorism, gather intel on suspects or locations and participate in raids.

1. Be active.

2. Dont arrest at events.

3. Play as cop.

4. Use Teamwork.

5. Follow F1 rules.

6. Only arrest people with more than 10 stars!

7.RolePlay when it's needed

8. Watch the forums regulary

9. Listen to the admins

10. Listen to high ranked players.

12. Do not arrest people under 3 stars.

7. Do not ask for promotions.

11. More Rules are in the MOTD/News ingame

Squad Informations

Squad Value:- 100.000
Squad Motto:- "Get him , get in , get out"
Squad Members: 3
Squad Level:0
Squad Color code: #0033cc
Squad Skins: #286

Ranks and Members

(Lvl 5)Leader (Tag:L )


(Lvl 4) Voice Leader  (Tag: vL)


(Lvl 4) Sub Leader: (Tag: sL)


(Lvl3 ) HQ: (Tag:HQ)


(Lvl 3) Squad Manager: (Tag SM)

(Lvl 3) Chief of Investigation: (Tag CoI)

(Lvl 2) Adviser Agent : (Tag AA)

(Lvl 2) Special Agent : (Tag SA)

(Lvl 1) Junior Agent : (Tag JA)

(Lvl 0 ) Recruit Officer : (Tag RO)

(Lvl 0) Probationary : (Tag FBI*)



Fill this application Format:

Ingame Name:
Real Name:
Language you speak:
How long have you been playing MTA?
Have you been playing on other servers? (squad/gangs)
Previous gangs/squads:
Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why?
Have you ever been Kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why?
RP Skills(0-10)
Arresting skills(0-10)
Shooting skills(0-10)
Driving skills(0-10)
English skills(0-10)
Describe Deathmatch:
Describe RolePlay:
Describe TeamWork:
Why do you want to join FBI?
why should we accept you?

Accepted:- Your application was of high standards, and since we trust you, you will be invited without test. 
Pending:- Your application wasn't the best but we do see potential with you, hang around with us for a while, and you may be tested. 
Denied:- Poor application, re-apply in a week and we'll consider you again.

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PostSubject: Re: FBI-Federal Bureau Investigation Application lvl 1   Mon May 05, 2014 9:37 pm

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FBI-Federal Bureau Investigation Application lvl 1
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