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 Groove Street Families | level 1 application

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PostSubject: Groove Street Families | level 1 application   Mon May 05, 2014 8:53 pm

Gang Inofrmation
Grove Street Families is an afro-American role-playing group that was one of the first gangs in the history of 7th Gate of Hell, commonly abbreviated as "GSF". It was formed by numerous 7th Gate of Hell Veterans which are known as prestigious role-players. Our main idea with the group is to be a prominent and a very erratically role-play faction, that will be distinguished and noteworthy as the best role-playing group of all times. We have decided to put up a strict but fail invitation system  and will not accept every single individual. We want our members to behave with an incandescent attitude; we will also have zero tolerance against any bullying or disrespecting of other community members or groups. We want our members to be amused and satisfied within the group, we will be extremely finicky when it comes to pick individuals among the large swarm in future. 

Grove Street Families, viciously known as the most violent gang in Los Santos. Making its mark on the streets that they rule with fear and drug money. Everyone knows that they've got two faces, criminal and social; criminal for making money and social for trying to cover up their mess. Grove Street Families originated from Ganton, complexes where a tight group of money minded youths set up on making it big, it wasn't just the money their were heading for; it was trust and respect. It began when Orlando introduced marijuana to Nathan who was seventeen in 1993, Nathan a smart but yet short headed got and idea who he shared it to Orlando, both then shared it to their tight friends who they all grew up together. So they began making money, selling the marijuana at school were they called it " Kush" after the slang word for marijuana, which is Kush. Stacking it up around 500 bucks in the first two weeks, in their neighborhood it was the new thing for the youths attending Los Santos High School. 
Since then it's been war, peace, peace war with rival gang's surrounding. Nathan who had been charged with robbery served 6 years in Mordor prison in Las Venturas. His now free to roam the street of Los Santos, but with the same look he had when he was young, the savage look for money, power and respect. Him and his young one are on the map once again.


President [LVL 5]


Vice President [LVL 4] 


Headquarters [LVL 3]


Gangstas [LVL 2]


Members [LVL 1]


Probation [LVL 0]



1.Don't DM
2.Read and Obey all F1 ruls
3.Respect the admins and higher levels then you

4. Dont Spam grenades 

5. Dont avoid arrest

Application is OPEN

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PostSubject: Re: Groove Street Families | level 1 application   Mon May 05, 2014 9:04 pm

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Groove Street Families | level 1 application
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