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 Need For Speed-NFS

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PostSubject: Need For Speed-NFS   Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:55 am

What is NFS:

Need for Speed-
(NFS) is a series of racing games published by electronic arts (EA) and developed by several studios including the Canadian company EA Box and the British company Criterion Games.
The series released its first title, The Need For Speed in 1994. Initially, it was designed exclusively for use on fifth generadtion video games console , but later on was reworked to be able to be used on all seventh generadtion consolesby 2008. All members of the series consist of racing cars on various tracks, with some titles including police pursuits in races. SinceNeed for Speed: Undergrounds , the series has integrated car body coustmization into gameplay.


Need For Speed- it's RP Group that acting like The Orginal Game, we're Racing, we're costuming cars, and the most important thing, WE'RE HAVING FUN!

Our RolePlay:

Our main RolePlay is, to organize Ilegal Street Race, Car Shows, and race with Players in BUG:RPG.

Members List:

Leader- David,Nelex.

Vice Leader- ReLLax.

HQ- Solmon.

Professional Racer- Daniel

Racer- Daniel,Aviel.

Want to join us?:

Part I[Infromation]

In game name:

Real Name:

Date of born [Age]:


You're in any Gang/Squad?:

Part II [1-10]







Part III [Rules]

Explain what dose DM Mean:

Explain what dose RP Mean:

Did you have read the Server Rules [F1 In game]:

Part IIII:

Why you want to be part of NFS Team?:

Why should we accept you?:

What you can bring to NFS?:

You're in any RP Group?:


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Need For Speed-NFS
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