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 Immortals Apply for lvl 2

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PostSubject: Immortals Apply for lvl 2   Fri May 02, 2014 7:52 am

Recruitment status:Open        



There was a boy named Gimix.He lived 
luxuriously with his friend Spoky.They rule the whole town of San Andreas.They had private clubs,stores,drug,guns i everything else.One day a corrupt government send their paid killers to light the town .They had to stay till the last moment so they can be sura that Spoky and Gimix died.Paid killers confirmed that they hide avidences and burned Gimix and Spoky,but they manage to escape from their house so nobody knew that they were alive.They were homeless so they often slept on the benches in the street full of gangs, psychopath...


They didn't want to live like that anymore so they found a friend who purchase guns,poisons and a lot of dangerous stuff.Gimiyx and Spoky wanted to rob the bank in Las Vanturas.
They drove to the LV bank with van in which were dynamite and bombs.They put dynamite on the door and it all went well until the alarm turned on.Police came and the boys started to run,Spoky managed to escape,but Gimix was shot in the left leg and fell on the ground.Spoky was sad because he was poor and didn't have nothing,at least before he had a friend.A year went by and Spoky was doing his best to save the Gimix from prison.He found a job in cafe and every now and then he would get some money.He even found a new frined Rambo.Rambo was crazy,he was a killer.Every night when they were sleeping he would hold a gun in his hand just to be safe.Spoky wasn't pooor anymore,he had a car...He wished that one day when Gimix go out of prison they will have a place to stay.


Spoky and Rambo took guns i went to the police station to get Gimix.They killed anyone who got on their way,they opened the cell and Gimix escaped with them.They went to a small house which Spoky bought when he had money.The house was full of guns.They decided that nobody was going to mess with them.They tried to rob abank again but not the one in LV,but in SF besauce it was closer.Boys put dynamite on the door and the door opened.Gimix,Spoky and Rambo were so happy because the got to the money.Each got 2 millions.After some time they found a gang 'caude they knew that with a little help the can rob banks every month.The name of the gang was Immortals.They all became best friend,no longer lined in poverty,they robbed bank all the time and lived like kings.


5.- Commander - I>Nick|C 

4.- Director - I>Nick|D

4.- Head Quarter - I>Nick|HQ

4.- Respected Member - I>Nick|=RM=

4.- Respected - I>Nick|=R=

3.- SubDriector - I>Nick|sD

3.- Head Quarter - I>Nick|HQ

3.- Special Immortal - I>Nick|SI 

2.- Immortal Soldier - I>Nick|S

2.- Experienced Immortal - I>Nick|EI

1.- Immortal - I>Nick|I

1.- Amater Immortal - I>Nick|AI

0.- Recruta - I>Nick*

Gang Motto: ~You can't kill someone what is Immortal~
~Kill for life~


Gang Car: Sultan,SuperGT
 Gang Helicopters:Maverick
            Gang weapons:Deagle
Gang color: #88215c

Gang Value:500.000$
Gang Name:Immortals

HouseRob Rules
1.Don't ever use grenades in nor near the red  Marker.
2.Never use roofs at the houserob
3.Always stay inside the circle unless you're being chased/dm'ed.
4.Never use vehicles in the red marker.
Turf Rules
1,If you're killed in a turf where a turfwar is going on, and you're spawned as a cop or criminal, it's not counted as deathmatching.
2,You can only use your gang's spawn or the hospital spawn when a turfwar is going on.
3.You are not allowed to spawn medic or cop to assist your gang in a turfwar.
BankRob Rules
1.Never use grenades whilst a bankrob is going on.
2.Never reconnect to avoid being arrested, nor to gain health.
3.Never camp at the main floor.
4.Do not marker kill cops.

 Doing houserobs 
Selling guns 
Selling drugs 
Kidnap people 




Comming soon!!!!

Comming soon!!!!


-Section 1-
In-game Nick :
English proficiency:
Other Languages:
-Section 2-
In wich gang you have been ?
Why do you want to join us?:
How long you play MTA?
Rate Your Criminal Skills (0-10) :
Rate Your RolePlaying Skills (0-10) :
-Section 3-
Explain 'Deathmatching' In Your Own Words :
Explain The RP Concept Of A Criminal :
Something About You :

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PostSubject: Re: Immortals Apply for lvl 2   Sat May 03, 2014 11:24 am

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Immortals Apply for lvl 2
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